The Fellowship of Visionaries' Pledge

In light of everything Jesus did on the cross, I pledge to live my life to make Jesus known all around this world. I pledge to pray for more churches, for more church planters, for vision from God, for wisdom to know what part God would have me play in bringing a healthy church to every community on the planet, for power to do what God asks of me, for future generations of leaders to rise up and carry this torch forward, and for every tribe and nation to come to believe in Jesus Christ.

But we're visionaries, and we know God is able.

To reach the lost and advance God's Kingdom, we will do anything God calls us to do, and we will go anywhere God calls us to go, because the Gospel is that important. We believe planting churches is the answer. Are you in?


Stay Informed

Fellowship of Visionaries is the place where DCPI Central will post the latest information about The DCPI System, changes to training tracks, tools for marketing, and so much more! Check back often! This website is about to become a very helpful tool for our Partners, Certified Trainers, Master Trainers, and Senior Master Trainers worldwide!

Give Feedback

You are very important to the success of DCPI going forward. That is why we have created this place for you to give us feedback about our training materials. Please take a minute and let us know what is working well and what needs improving/updating. We may not be able to implement every idea, but we will definitely consider them!

Download Materials

We have moved our training materials over from dcpi.org to Fellowship of Visionaries. We apologize for any inconvenience, as we work to improve your access to the materials you need. If you have any issues, please contact your world zone leader. Or, create a login to access your materials.


Featured Update

Now Available: DCPI Pitch Deck

To help you explain our New DCPI System of Training to partners and prospective partners, we've developed a Pitch Deck to lead you through the conversation. In the Pitch Deck, you'll find a full description of our training tracks, how they fit together into the DCPI system, and pages that you can write in with your partner to help them outline a plan to utilize DCPI training in their movement. Watch the Pitch Deck video to learn how to have this partnership conversation, and download your copy of the October release of the Pitch Deck today!

More Info & Updates

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What is the DCPI Pitch Deck?

October 23, 20234 min read

What is the DCPI Pitch Deck?

At DCPI Central, in the United States, we have been working at organizing DCPI training into an entire system, so that our partners who use our training within their movements can be even more effective.

In order to communicate the benefits of the New DCPI System, we have put together a "Pitch Deck"--a presentation that you can print or use digitally to explain how DCPI works and how we can help church planting movements accelerate.

Check out this video that walks you through the entire Pitch Deck, so you can start using it in partner conversations today! 👊

Here are some things you'll love about the pitch deck! 👇

1. Clear description of a DCPI church

In the Pitch Deck, you'll find slides that explain the definition of a church. At DCPI, it's not enough just to plant churches, we want to be training leaders to plant HEALTHY, REPRODUCTIVE, and DYNAMIC churches. This means, we teach our church planters to be ever-innovating to reach their communities with the Good News about Jesus. If something is "dynamic," it can never die. It ever-evolves to stay relevant and life-changing for its community.

2. Clear picture of DCPI's training tracks

DCPI offers 8 training tracks. Up until this point, we have always offered our training tracks as individual options. Many people attended more than one training track, but our presentation of them was more of a menu--where people could choose one that they wanted to take. Now, the training tracks fit within the entire DCPI system, so leaders can see how each training track applies to them within their context and their church planting movement. That means, the training tracks' objectives are clearer.

3. Clear picture of our relationship with CPMs

Our primary focus, in using this Pitch Deck, is on church planting movement leaders. Church planting movements will each receive a customizable church planting training plan that's relevant to their context and leadership structure. In the flywheel graphic, the movement leader and trainers are all at the center of the circle. Our goal is to place ourselves beside our movement leaders, helping them to keep their training system going, so they can continue to accelerate the number of church plants in their movement. This calls for a longer-term relationship with our movement leaders, and it calls for us to engage them deeper in the ongoing work of getting their leaders trained. We are like a coach cheering them on, as they build their movement.

4. It's a new way of communicating

You'll notice in the Pitch Deck, that most of the language is "you-focused." That means that we are doing less talking about how great we are at DCPI and more about how we want to help our partners dream bigger. We've included actual images of our trainings. We've included a lot more color. We've included a lot more talking about the other person, and our goal is to adhere to the concept of StoryBranding by Donald Miller. We want to talk to them as the hero of their story, and we are the compassionate coach who comes alongside them to help them get to their goals. This way of communicating is more in-line with who we are at DCPI, anyway. We are a group of individuals around the world who want to see their visions come true in Jesus' name!

5. Regular updates to the Pitch Deck

We are releasing the Pitch Deck for the first time in fall 2023. Our primary objective in Q4 is to receive feedback about the Pitch Deck and the DCPI system, so we can make it as helpful as possible for our leaders around the world. As we receive this feedback, we plan on releasing regular updates, so be sure to check back here and on our resources page for the most updated version.

Download Your Copy of the Pitch Deck Today!

Start using the Pitch Deck Today:

Here is a quick checklist to get you started with using the DCPI Pitch Deck today. Remember, we are using this primarily to attract new partners, but this can also be used in donor conversations and more!

  • Set up an appointment with a movement leader to discuss the new DCPI System of Training

  • Present the Pitch Deck to the leader and offer to help them build a customized plan

  • Schedule them into a nearby DCPI training in your world zone, so they can see what DCPI training looks like in action

  • Follow up with them after they attend the DCPI training to get their training plan going

  • Keep a regular relationship with this leader, so we can deepen their engagement with DCPI content and expand their impact through church planting.

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Amy Bayer

Amy serves as the Vice President of Brand & Marketing, where she supervises the Creative, Storytelling, Social Media, Recruitment, and Prayer Mobilization teams. She is responsible for the DCPI communications systems and platforms that engage leaders, donors, & new staff members!

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We'd love your feedback...

Here's where you come in...

As visionaries, we need to be ever-innovating to make DCPI training the best church planter training in the world. You are in the field, experiencing firsthand the impact of DCPI training, and we would love to hear from you.

Would you, please, provide your input on a few questions?



When you are training leaders (in any DCPI training track), is there a section that really connects with them? What training track/section is it? Why do you think this section is so powerful?



In your context, which training track is in highest demand? Why do you think leaders in your community need this most?



Though the principles are timeless and the application of our materials is universal, there may be some pieces that need to be updated for a contemporary church planter? What pieces?



Keeping church planting as the main thing, are there pieces of the church planter's journey that we can better equip them for?


All of our DCPI trainings are a part of an "ecosystem" designed to equip church planters, mother churches, and church planting mentors from around the world to do this church planting thing right. From start to finish, we are continuously innovating to make sure our training tracks meet you where you are at and teach you what you need to know to get where God is calling you to go.

Categories of DCPI Training

We've Begun Categorizing DCPI Training Tracks

Organizing DCPI training tracks into four categories helps us ensure that everyone who experiences DCPI training learns the pieces they need in order to grow their church or movement.

These Four Categories Form the Complete System

The DCPI training tracks work together to accelerate the movement

When we think about the DCPI training tracks in categories, it helps us see how this is a part of a comprehensive approach to training leaders. When you incorporate all four categories of DCPI training - cultivating, planting, thriving, and multiplying - your movement will experience maximum health and multiplication!


These reviews were submitted by DCPI trainees via our Training Evaluation Form.

Richard Ngugi,


The training was refreshing and concise about critical church systems that once they are honestly addressed the church will be prepared for an exponential growth and reproduction of daughter churches.

Arthur De Guzman, Philippines

DCPI is one of the best training that I've ever attended and I have all the reasons to recommend this training to be attended by church leaders.

Michael Blankenship,

United States

I want to thank DCPI and their whole team that invested in our ministry and vision of planting churches to share the gospel message of Jesus Christ. The quality of the material and the encouragement of the instructors really inspired me. Thank you for your investment in our trying to obey the Great Commission.

Andrew Lupton,

I was inspired by the biblical vision of planting dynamic churches rather than perpetuating stagnant churches. The church is the church when it's multiplicative!